Business Line of Credit

Enjoy the flexibility of a revolving line of credit–draw as you need and only pay for what you use.

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Most people default to applying for a term loan, without fully understanding the ins and outs of other types of borrowing. A line of credit is slightly more sophisticated, and the good news is you can tap into it only when needed.



  • CASH WHEN YOU NEED IT. Simply draw down when the need arises, no need to take it all at once.
  • MANAGE RISK. No need to borrow a large amount all at once, you are in control of when to draw down.
  • COST. Only pay interest on the funds you have drawn down on.
  • FLEXIBLE. Only borrow the amount you need, as you need it.
  • PROTECT PERSONAL FINANCES. Business lines of credit can help to avoid using personal funds for business expenses.
  • RISK BASED PRICING. The more likely the lender views your business as being able to make payments, the lower the interest.

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