Merchant Cash Advance

What if capital could time travel? Okay, so it can’t, but a merchant cash advance is as close as you can get. A merchant cash advance allows you to borrow against future earnings to access that capital today. Merchant cash advances are funded much more quickly than other forms of financing, making it a lifesaver for businesses in need of fast access to financing.

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How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

A merchant cash advance, or business cash advance, allows a business to borrow against its future earnings. Unlike other business loans, collateral is not typically required to receive a merchant cash advance, which means you can receive funds in as little as 24 hours.


Can a startup get a business cash advance?

A business cash advance is an option for startup businesses that may not yet qualify for other types of business financing. Because a business cash advance is repaid based on your business’s daily sales, time in business and other factors that usually make financing difficult for startups don’t apply. If your startup has strong daily sales, a business cash advance could be an excellent solution for your fast-capital needs.

If you have time to plan for your financing needs, startup loans and business credit cards can offer accessible financing for startups and may be able to round out your financing plans.


How is a business cash advance repaid?

Your cash advance is repaid based on your business’s daily sales. Depending on the way your cash advance is financed, your lender will either take a daily percentage of credit card sales or a percentage of the total daily business sales. Terms vary by lender, and we have 75+ lenders in our network. Your funding manager can walk you through all the terms and explain the nitty-gritty of your cash advance to ensure you’re getting the best possible financing deal.

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