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A term loan gives the business owner a large sum of money upfront, spreading the cost across many smaller fixed repayments to the lender. Like short term loans, there are no restrictions on what the funds can be used for. However, the application process can be slightly longer than for short term loans.



  • Injection of Cash. This source of funding allows you to use it when you need it most and for any purpose.
  • Manage risk. Mitigate the uncertainty by spreading repayments across an extended period.
  • Improve Credibility. Strengthen your credibility in the lending realm and open yourself up to better opportunities as your business continues to tackle more projects
  • Flexible. Borrow the amount you need with the repayment speed that best suits your cash flow.
  • Protect personal finances. Avoid digging into your pocket for business expenses.
  • Cost. Receive a highly competitive interest rate against other types of borrowing, such as credit cards and small dollar loans

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